Friday, April 29, 2011

Five things i love Friday!!

1. roses! we now have roses in our front yard! (thankyou ramona!)
they are blooming and so pretty!

2. This is ivory's robot "Nellie". i had alot of fun helping put her together for an assignment
for kindergarten. she is made out of all garbage/recyclables.

3. Lilac bush! ramona bought this last year when she went up north...brought it back,
and now the southerners don't know what to make of it! :)
i love it!
and i miss the lilac festival.

4. loved doing the egg-decorating with my girls! they loved it too!
such a fun little event. this was our first year doing it too!

5. big girl Ember. yes, i love her so. her face has changed so much since almost all her
big front teeth are in!! ivory is excited too because she just got her first loose tooth!
changes are coming for her this year!

happy friday!


  1. i love that lilac bush, too! so pretty. and i love that photo of ember too. her eyes are beautiful!
    :) lora

  2. oooh, I remember Mona buying that lilac bush, it looks so pretty now! Love it.