Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vacation Continued!

it didn't take us long to get adjusted to vacation-life! the kids were all over that cabin/cottage
re-exploring and re-discovering memories they had had.
such a sweet time!

this swing was the newest addition to the cabin since we had been there. it was so comfy and relaxing in the back screened-in porch!
we each had our turn in it.

i've been really excited about easter weekend. i'm excited to celebrate with new friends and faces at our latest new church we've been attending- "Abundant Hope"
a brunch before church and then a bbq after church!! what fun!
somehow, eating together always makes me feel more at "home" with other people.
i love it! and it makes me miss home all the more.

so happy easter to you!
may you receive peace and joy in the Lord!
may you feel at "home"
may all your longings be fulfilled

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