Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hurray for summer!

 here is livi's latest trick! she had such a blast showing us that she was "all done!"
she continues to flail her arms up after each bite to watch us congratulate her on all done!!
super cute!

 She is growing into such a beautiful girl! i love her so much!
she is super sweet, almost the whole time!

 Ember is growing into such a helper!
not only does she serve her sister's their breakfast every morning,
she reads them books at bedtime too!
she was a great help to me while ryan was gone.
she would even put on brighten's shoes for him!
what  sweetie!

 this is a picture she wanted me to take and send to daddy.
she missed him so.

 livi loves the water!!

i love her in purple!
she is pretty amazing
and almost always skins her knee when we go for a walk.
she is resilient!


  1. you can really see how much you love your children in this post. it is so beautiful!

  2. that is a fantastic picture of adia!! totally should be framed as an 8x10 and hung somewhere!
    i love your kids.