Thursday, October 20, 2011

fun day!

We had a fun day on sunday!
it was like a fair at our church!
petting zoo,
2 bounce houses,
country line dancing lessons,
free food--cotton candy and popcorn!
games, firing range- paint ball,
face painting..etc.
lots of fun things to do with families.

 did i mention bobbing for apples?
only brighten wanted to get in!
and throw the apples over and over in the 
water. silly boy!

 ivory with a my-little-pony on her face!

 hands down, this was the girls favorite spot.
the petting zoo.
we camped out here after awhile.
too fun!

 olivia just chilled in the stroller,
she is so amazing!
such a happy little girl!

so that was our fun family outing.
we aren't prone to that cuz there is so many of us.
it was a blessing to be amongst friends and church family!

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