Tuesday, October 18, 2011


i just watched this movie Moulin Rouge for the first time!
sheesh! it came out in 2002...what was i doing then?
graduating college, heading to Wisconsin.
yeah, no time to watch movies.
i was in college-land. 

but this movie is amazing people!
i was so shocked that it was a believable musical.
a love story,
so. well. done.
i loved all the music,
all the actors/actresses sing awesome!
especially the modern music tied into it!
(elton john, sound of music, madonna)
made it so enjoyable!!

one catch to the movie...it is truly an adult movie.
lots of sexual references, since it does take place in a brothel.
ah well, 

another thing i can highly recommend is 
reading the Help!
such a good read!
i am about half-way through it, and yes,
i did see the movie already...which is only helping the book for me!

ok! there's my recommendations for you all!!
have a great week!

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