Wednesday, September 04, 2013


This past month was the Cara-box! The theme was "Seasons of life" so you would get to know your assigned partner and create a box of goodies for whatever stage of life they are in.  I enjoyed this one because i feel like this one was worth it!  i've been able to get to know several ladies far away from me and i enjoy getting emails from them...i feel thought of! :)

 I received this package from my new friend Tanya.

 I love the travel mug, it's very appropriate in my life: on the go, coffee in hand!! and of course, a reminder to stay calm :)

 lovely lotion!

 a lovely hand-written letter with 3 amazing recipes she gave to me---i was super impressed and am eager to try them out!

VERY colorful, and i love them!!
my daughters and i had a "nail spa" time and i wanted them to put both colors on my feet!
love it.

 cute journal! always can use one of these, for sure!!


my favorite!! I've already worn them several times....
Thank You Tanya!!!

i also forgot to show pics of the measuring cups she sent, they Immediately went into use!! :)

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