Tuesday, October 08, 2013


I was noticing today, I am obsessed overwhelmed with skin care/ hair care products. Here is a pic of the sink I use:

That's not all! I have things in my purse, and in the bathroom Upstairs!!

I have to say, skin care and hair care is one of my weaknesses for sure.
I now work for a Mary Kay lady and she's been sharing with me some product! (sweet!)
I also realized that I live only 20 minutes from LUSH cosmetics!!!! (omg!)
I'm discovering another local store only minutes from my house called Lavender Moon, and she makes all her own soap, cosmetics, lotions, etc!! I find myself wasting my precious pennies in there too!
wow, I never realized I had such an obsession.  Now mind you, it's not make-up, just lotions, cleansers, and what not....I think I'm a bit skin obsessed, and I just might be ok with that! :)

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  1. i love you :) (and now i know what to get you when i want to send you a gift!)